Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bacon and lettuce and homegrown tomatoes

I am woefully behind in my community farm veggie tales, so let me bring everyone up to speed. We got similar items this week, with the addition of kale that we missed last week and green beans.

So far, we've made yummy panzanella, italian bread salad, a pasta and veggie dish, and an improved squash casserole. We highly recommend them:

For the panzanella, begin with 1 loaf crusty bread (Italian is traditional, but I prefer the tang of sourdough) cut into 1 inch cubes. Lightly brown the bread with olive oil in a large skillet and sprinkle with kosher salt (the husband calls this step "croutonizing.") Don't croutonize too much or the bread burns. Then combine the bread in a large bowl with chunked tomatoes, green or red or yellow or orange peppers, cucumbers, and red onion in equal amounts. How much of the veggies depends how much salad you want. Lightly dress with a mixture (the husband calls this an emulsion) of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper (or grill seasoning, if you're me), kosher salt, and basil (fresh if you have it, dried works fine). Eat in vast quantities.

The pasta dish involves roasting peppers and onions (coat lightly with olive oil and kosher salt) which are then chunked and combined with kale that has been cut and trimmed well (get rid of the tough stems) and sauteed in olive oil with lots of basil and garlic salt. We served our veggies over bow tie pasta, and it was a fabulously healthy vegetarian dinner.

We also made another squash casserole (the husband has asked that this be the last one for a while) substituting golden mushroom soup for the cream of mushroom to cut out more dairy. You could also substitute Imo (if you live in the west and they make that product) for the sour cream and cut out all the dairy entirely (hurrah!). I also added jalapenos because, well, we had to add them to something, and they were very subtle and a nice addition. More scent of jalapeno than anything else, really.

Coming up, we tackle the eggplant and find new uses for beets. Oh, and there are more jalapenos, gosh darn it! And tonight, I'm making fried green tomatoes because, well, when in the something fried!

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leslie coppin said...

all this talk about vegetables makes me want to garden. we had one in philly and it was so fun. we're in an apartment now (townhouse style) which has a back yard and since I just found out I didn't get the community aid position that works in the office 6 hours a week to get free rent, I decided I didn't need to be a "good example" for the other residents and I'm going to dig up a little patch for myself. I tried getting permission through the proper channels to start a community garden but that takes too long. We live in student housing and the university moves so slow!!! So yes, I'm taking it into my own hands and starting a little garden of my own. It will definitely have tomatoes and beans. Tell matt hi!!