Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yellow light, green light, go

A little housekeeping is in order:

We have an exterminator that comes quarterly and in between as needed, and we need him (our guy's a college student named Jared, actually), desperately. The heat has brought back the roaches, in big, black droves that surprise me at night when I come into the kitchen to make Jacob's bottles. So there's that to be done.

We also need insulation installed in the original part of the house, the part that contains J's nursery. We thought we had problems with the addition, but it turns out there's plenty of insulation in there but none over the front of the house. And Jacob's room gets to be 80 degrees during the day even with the AC running full throttle. So we've contacted a friend of a friend who does HVAC work and he'll be coming by to give us an estimate soon. But not soon enough!

Plus, our part-time nanny started Monday, so we need to keep the house in visitor-worthy order for the next two months while she's tending Jacob. She's a cute girl who told me with chagrin when I got home the first day that the baby had peed over his head while she was changing his diaper and it might have gotten on his sheets! Oh girlie, if that's the worse thing that happens, consider yourself lucky! And sheets can always be washed (and are, repeatedly). I came home yesterday to find him staring balefully at her (he had just woken up) in a way he usually reserves only for his arch nemesis (Spencer, you know who you are) but apparently they got along beautifully and it seems like she will work out fine. Hooray.

AND, I have papers to grade and if they don't get done today, I will be officially behind already and there is no time for that, so much grading ahead tonight.

In other words, much to do!

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