Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pages from my book of love

It's time for some link love from the web....
So I LOVE this idea, even though it would take ages even to do just my small library, let alone a large university's behemoth collection. But look at the helpful details:

Not to mention all the pretty colors (21 in all, for the LofC main subject divisions). It's hard to know if this is a graduate project for a library science degree or a degree in design, but the fact that the project crosses those lines at all is new. And interesting, at least for me!

This person almost makes me want to start running, even though I hate it with a passion. But the steps to go from sedentary (check!) to running seem so straightforward and the approach so commonsensical, I just might try it...after my ankle heals...and it gets cooler here (108 degrees heat index yesterday. Where are we, Baghdad??).

A while ago, one of my friends recommended I check out Etsy and I did click over but it looked a little too granola for me--handmade items for sale? Don't we already have places for that, like farmers' markets and craft fairs? But since then, I've seen the error of my ways and have returned to Etsy to discover there's a more going on than I thought. For example, it's a great place for craft supplies. I recently purchased some suspender clips that were only available elsewhere on the web in quantities of 1000, many many more than I needed. I've also found some fabulous fabric I'm planning on getting when (and if) I get a sewing machine (on the list of home essentials I want) and out of which I plan to make some killer totes. So there's lots to see and even more to buy, if you're interested. And yes, I'm behind the curve on this one. Deal with it!

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