Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whistle while you work

So I've got a project or at least the raw materials for a project, and I'm not sure exactly what I should do. See, while I was in UT, my mother-in-law gave me four cloth napkins the husband's grandmother had found while doing some sorting/cleaning/tossing. They're perfectly preserved seventies (indeed, I wonder if they were ever even used): floral, yellow flowers with brown centers and avocado and lime green leaves on a creme background. In short, very me. In fact, they are the exact colors of our great room decor (such as it is), so I want to use them in that room, but I'm not sure how.

As with all my potential "craft" (we use the term very loosely here) projects, I have some vague ideas and minimal skills. I was thinking about framing them, but there really isn't that much wall space in here (what with all the many, many windows. And each one is a square foot at least, so that would need a lot of space. I could, I suppose, turn them into two pillows, but the one thing this room does not lack is pillows, in all shades of green. I suppose, if I did frame them, I could also put them up on the one open wall in this room, in the "dining" space, and they could tie together the two spaces even more solidly.

But framing also seems sort of...boring? Not that I couldn't try it and completely mess it up, but I'm just sayin'! So what other ideas are out there? I saw someone on Etsy who made a tray out of fabric mounted on wood, covered in glass, and framed, and that looked like a possibility, though these would be big trays if I didn't cut down the fabric. They would work as place mats, but craftwise that's kind of a cop-out, and while I am realistic enough about my skills not to dismiss a cop-out out of hand, I want to at least TRY something else.

In the meantime, the napkins occupy a place of honor on top of a pile of stuff on my dining room table. And there they will sit until I figure something out. Any suggestions, before they molder away into nothingness?

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Becky said...

Browse through this blog and see if you find any ideas:
If I were creative I'd give some sort of phenomenal inspiration but.....the heavens just aren't speaking to me today.