Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shine the light

Sleep is for In a complete turnaround of events, last night was actually a relatively good one on the sleep front. Jacob went down really early, 6pm, after having virtually no napping (shocking!). But then he woke up soon thereafter and was awake, awake, awake. As in let's go for a jog awake, let's solve some quadratic equations awake. But I was not having it, his real bedtime having arrived by now. So we read some stories (reluctantly on his part) and rocked and sang and after longer than I would have wished but not too, too long, he fell back asleep.

And then he stayed asleep until midnight and I fed him as usual. And then, bleary and half asleep myself, I went to back to bed. And at 4:30am, I woke up with a start. Why? Because I'd forgotten to turn on the baby monitor, that's why. And though I'm fairly certain J woke up as usual between 2 and 3:30am, I didn't hear him, so he must have gone back to sleep because he was slumbering peacefully when I checked. And he stayed that way until almost 6 when he was ready to eat again.

Now, the question becomes can I overcome my guilt over not hearing him and let him do it again tonight? Because I'm fairly sure he doesn't need to eat more than once in the night, and now I have evidence he can survive without me or the bottle. And I have to say, I enjoyed the uninterrupted sleep! And perhaps he did, too? Since he woke up all smiles this morning as usual, none the worse for wear. It could be that he didn't actually wake up, and that's why I didn't hear him cry, so we'll have to see what happens tonight.

Could that be a teeny tiny little speck of a glimmer of light at the end of this very long, dark tunnel...?

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