Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wop bam boom

So this trip just keeps getting better and better: two nights ago I ended up at the emergency room til 3am with what we thought was a gall bladder attack but ended up being an infection of some kind. Fluids and morphine later, I was home and exhausted. Then I caught the stomach virus that has been making its way around my house. We think it came from Peru and it's awful: nausea, vomiting, fever, etc. etc. etc. It comes on fast and has so far infected all but a few people living in the house. Last night I was so nauseous I had my younger sister take care of Jacob once I put him to bed so I could get some sleep. I took over at 1am but was really in no shape to be caring for anyone. I had a fever of 101 in the wee hours this morning and was hallucinating, always a pleasant experience, but babies have to be fed. The fever is down now, but my parents are both sick. So far, Jacob is fine, thank goodness, and I hope he stays that way, because if he gets sick now, that means he's going to be ill on the plane, poor baby. And no one wants that. Right now he's asleep in a bouncy chair (it's like old times) in just a diaper and a blanket, largely because I was too hot to even think about putting him back in a sleeper after he had a blow out this morning. But he seems fine and cozy, so I'm not worried.

What I am is sick and tired. Blech.


The McGauleys said...

Oh Lil I'm so sorry you've been sick... hope everything is better now.

Jess and Heather said...

OH no! I hope that your trip home was alright! I hate being sick and the bug your whole family had sounded downright brutal!