Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lullaby and goodnight

Ah, sleepless nights. There is nothing quite like a baby who doesn't want to sleep in a house that's not your own. Jacob was up at 2am this morning and was inconsolable and loud. He finally fell asleep briefly on my bed after much rocking but then was up after just a few minutes and stayed awake til 4ish and then slept until 5:30, at which point I just gave up and we got up for the day. Now, at 8am he has just gone down for a (presumably much too short) nap. Sigh. Dr. Ferber, you and I have an appointment with this small fry just as soon as I get back! This cannot go on!

In addition, just in time to be surrounded by strangers, J has developed a case of stranger fright, right on schedule. I was hoping he would skip this phase, but no such luck. The day before yesterday I left to go run some errands with my dad and apparently he cried like he had been abandoned forever with my mother. Then, yesterday, he cried anytime I was out of his sight or he was being held by someone else even if I was still in sight and especially if I was holding some other baby. So the stranger danger sense is highly attenuated right now, sadly for him. I hope this phase passes quickly and doesn't apply to Liza, his nanny. Sigh once again.

Otherwise, things in the homeland are good. The babies get along fine, mainly because they have very little awareness of each other. They met their great aunt and uncle last night at dinner, though they were all pretty tired and went to bed very soon after said uncle arrived. The youngest baby has still not arrived and doesn't look like she is going to until she is induced on the 7th. So her mom-to-be Kelli is extremely uncomfortable and unhappy and just looks pathetic because she is so bereft. So our grandchild picture will be one short, but it can't be helped.

Must go shower while the wee one continues to sleep. The moments are fleeting at best!

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traveling is hard....