Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby love, my baby love

Ever have one of these days?

The baby wakes up at 5am, bright eyed and bushy tailed and completely uninterested in sleep. Let the day begin!

Then he has a major dirty diaper blow out, ruining his pajamas. Yay, more laundry!

Then, somehow, during the change, you end up with poop on your boob! Perfect for fall!

Then, during breakfast, he practices his new-found talent: spitting. Projectile oatmeal!

Then the day proceeds and, during subsequent diaper changes, he pees on you. Twice!

Then, when you're showering to rinse off the pee, he has an utter melt-down. Naked dash to console!

Then, during lunch, he insists on practicing his favorite activity, "drinking" water. Chunky pear and oatmeal dribble!

Then the baby decides napping is fun and all, but it's more fun to whine. And whine and whine and whine!

Then he tries to practice crawling, remembering every two seconds he hates to be on his stomach and wailing instead. Rinse and repeat, again and again and again!

Then, during dinner, he refuses to eat altogether and screams at top volume instead. Dinner music minus the strings!

Then, by the time bedtime rolls around, you're so exhausted you don't care how many once in a lifetime Olympic records are being broken in the water cube, you just want to collapse. Michael Who?

Really? You too??

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