Friday, August 15, 2008

Don't know when I'll be back again

We are going to go to London as a family in February to visit my parents while they are at work with a study abroad program. We just purchased our tickets, and I thought I would check out the international baggage requirements and airline restrictions for infants so I can start preparing now (because I'm obsessive like that). Instead of all kinds of limitations, what I found was this list under "making travel easier" for infants flying on British Midland Airlines (our carrier):

When travelling with infants and children, to help make sure your journey is as stress free as possible, you can take advantage of our services:

advance seat assignment
priority boarding
kiddies packs suitable for ages 3-7 and 8-12
children under 3 years old will receive a teddy bear onboard
children's meals
bassinets available for infants up to 72cm (10kg) in premium economy and economy cabins
onboard changing facilities and limited supplies of nappies, talc and lotion
onboard baby warming bottle facility
dedicated children and family audio and video selection
over 30 Nintendo games and PC games

A teddy bear?! Bassinets?! Bottle warming?!! On our last flight, the flight attendants were aghast when I suggested using the warm water in the bathroom to make a bottle but then didn't have any other alternative other than a styrofoam cup filled with boiling hot water designated for coffee. And a bassinet? No such luck, nor anywhere to change the baby besides my lap, the floor, or balanced on top of the oh so sanitary toilet seat with the lid down. Never mind that my child is already 10kg and will not be able to use the bassinet. It's the thought that counts! And a TEDDY BEAR???? Why don't I live in the UK again? Oh, right, all the drugs are different there, and they put their commas and periods in different places sometimes. Dang it!

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