Thursday, August 28, 2008

Country road, take me home

I realized we've become sort of housebound lately. At first, I was enjoying not having to go into work, then we were trying to stay at home to get into a regular nap schedule, then there were projects, then I was trying to save money by not spending more of it, then gas got to be its own line item in the budget...and before you knew it, we'd become hermits, J and I. So now I'm making a concentrated effort to get us out of the house at least a little.

Luckily, Mommy and me activities will start at church soon, once the back-to-school craziness has subsided (in which craziness I am not participating for the first time since my mission!). And we've mapped out a busy schedule of "wee reads" sessions at some of the local public library branches (4 of which are very close to us), aka story time for the 0-24 month crowd. We're also working on getting in and staying in the morning walk routine, which J love loves, and I need need (ahh, the lingering baby weight, how I curse you!). Once it's not so gosh darn hot here, say in another month or so, I'm also going to institute an evening walk as well, I think, though that one is tricky since J likes to fall asleep while walking in the evenings, thereby causing much havoc with his bedtime. Maybe we'll walk at the beach, since the wind and the waves might be enough to keep him awake. Maybe. But all in all, we need to get out some more.

Funnily enough, my two jobs at church don't really necessitate us giving up our shut-in status. Seminary takes place in our living room weekday mornings, and working in the women's organization presidency means I send a lot of emails and make and take food to events pretty regularly, but most of the real work takes place at night meetings, when the husband can take J, so it doesn't really count as getting "us" out of the house.

So the goal is clear: get out regularly. Seems reasonable enough, right? Let's hope so!

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