Sunday, August 31, 2008

'Til broad daylight

So when you're no longer working, and your baby is sleeping (relatively) well, you suddenly have a lot less to talk about! Well, if you're me, you do, apparently. But, never fear, I am ever intrepid, and I have much to share in other veins. And now, quick takes:

Seminary continues to amuse. We have a break tomorrow for Labor Day (all school holidays are seminary holidays, thank goodness), and then it's back to the early morning grind.

Because I can't leave this topic entirely, so much does it consume me, let me tell you that J is still getting up at 5:30 am, but the magical swing can usually keep him asleep until 7-ish. Or so we think. Because every time we've come in to get him (the swing is now in his room, which is quieter given the rambunctious boys) in the mornings, he is sitting there, swinging, wide awake, looking at the door calmly. How long he's been like that, we have no idea. But at least we can say he's learning patience, if nothing else. And he always smiles happily when we get there, with no whining, so he must be fine, right? Right?!

We survived August at church, which was filled with lots of activities, for some reason. Actually, the fall in general is usually pretty packed as far as church activities go, so surviving August really isn't that much of an accomplishment. Getting through December? Now that will be something to talk about!

The husband's job has become challenging in whole new ways, what with new budget woes and all, so that's been stressful for him. We're hoping for the best and planning for the worst, even the longest long shot worst, which is what we do. So nothing new here!

McCain picked a woman no one has ever heard of. One small step for the country, one giant leap for the Democrats! Huzzah! (I'll save my more trenchant political analysis for later. Oooh, oooh, I know, you can hardly wait!)

In order to embrace our current heritage, we're heading off to Myrtle Beach, the redneck Riviera, for Labor Day, so I'm sure stories will abound. As long as there's funnel cake, I'm good. I was supposed to start Weight Watchers again tomorrow...but it's fried dough! With strawberry goop! At the beach! Not even Fergie (the Royal, not the Pea) could resist that!

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