Monday, August 25, 2008

It's been good time together

Family history, as translated by teenage boys:

Student 1: My ancestor fell off the Mayflower and they had to circle around and pick him up.

Student 2: I'm related to every Hatch you meet, even that one guy, Orem Hatch.

Student 3: My ancestor was best friends with that Headless Horseman guy and one day he went over to the Horseman guy's house and he was yelling because he'd poured water on his toe and that's how he went insane and turned into the Headless Horseman.

Student 4: I don't have any stories about my ancestors. (Teacher: What about your grandmother?) She's pretty boring.

Student 5: My family is from Colorado and one of my great grandmothers says she's related to Little Bighorn.

Student 6: In WW2, one of my ancestors was on a ship and he felt rain but he didn't see any rain on the water and there was no rain on the deck and then he looked up and another guy was throwing up above him.

It's going to be a long, adventuresome year!

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