Saturday, August 23, 2008

Diner, my shiny shiny love

In other new news, I got a black eye. Yep, I've got a doozy of a shiner that started out puffy and grayish and now, several days later, is truly black and blue...and green and red. It's really lovely, trust me!

And how did this happen, you ask? Well, since we have seminary in the front room, we had moved some of our dining chairs in there the first day. However, when I went to feed J that morning, I realized we had taken the chair I like to use while feeding him, so I went back in to get it and bring it through the kitchen doorways into the dining area. On the way, I tried to avoid getting tangled in the Johnny Jump-up permanently attached to one of the doors. In doing so, I hefted the chair up quickly...straight into the bone above my right eye.

The husband was very sympathetic, but a few minutes later, after the initial consoling, health professional that he is, he noted that everyone was going to think he was an abusive husband because the real story was so preposterous. "Umm, I hit my eye on a chair. Yeah, that's it, a chair, uh huh." He says he keeps expecting a band of women to show up to spirit me away to a safe house. Luckily, my friends are much too lazy to orchestrate something of that magnitude! No, actually, I went to a baby shower this week, and no one even mentioned the eye, and I know my disguising makeup job wasn't that good!

As far as J goes, we are still trying new foods with him, very, very slowly. He still loves squash and sweet potatoes but couldn't care less about fruit. Pears? Yuck. Apples? Blah. Peaches? No thank you. Indeed, the only fruit he even tolerates right now is prunes, and I think that's largely because they really aren't all that different from sweet potatoes. Next on the agenda are bananas, avocados, blueberries or strawberries, and "corn casserole" (corn with rice cereal). We've been very cautious thus far, waiting at least 5 days in between introductions, but I think we are going to speed up the process now and go to three so we can expand his repetoire a little more rapidly and hopefully discover a few more options he likes in the process. Baby cannot live by sweet potato and squash alone!


Jess and Heather said...

I'm so sorry about your shiner!! I bet that hurt so bad :(

Becky said...

Oh man I didn't even notice you had a black eye at the shower, so you must've done an incredible makeup job because I even looked close at you and just noticed the pretty headband you were wearing. But if I did, as your friend I wouldn't have let you live it down! You're right, a black eye from a chair? Oh that's classic!