Monday, August 18, 2008

Keep pushing me on

An update on the AT&T debacle, only because it's relevant to the blog: supposedly (and let's say that with the proper amount of sarcasm and doubt, shall we?), our landline number will become my new cell number as of the "midnight cycle." What the midnight cycle is, I have no idea, but it requires that we unhook all our home phones and turn off the cell phone to be and then turn on the cell phone in the morning and voila, service! Anyone else filled with lots of fear about this whole prospect??

What this means for me, more than anything (since I still have my trusty old cell phone in the event the switch fails) is that we will lose internet service as of tomorrow morning (or the midnight cycle, really) and who knows how long before it will be back up again. Because, of course, our only option for DSL without cable in our neck of the woods is, you guessed it, the company formerly known as Bellsouth or, drum roll please, AT&T. SIGH!!

All of this is a roundabout way of saying I may be offline, away from my desk, missing in the blogosphere for a few days until we get service reestablished, so don't disappear in the meantime, okay? In preparation, I have copied down all the numbers I will need should something go wrong (because the only way to get those number is via a phone, which will be dead, or the internet, which will also be dead) so I am prepared or as prepared as I can be when caught in this service without a smile techno-nightmare.

The only good news is that I think I may have scared someone at AT&T. Some woman called to tell me about the impending switch, NOT the woman with whom I have been working very closely, and I basically said "Who the heck are you?!" because what I did NOT want was yet another division/person/layer of bureaucracy involved since I've already talked to more people than I could possibly have imagined at the outset and now that I had my own personal caseworker, I was not going to give her up so easily. Turns out today's unsuspecting woman works the next cubicle over from my personal problem solver but I didn't give her a chance to explain that to me, insisting that my woman call me back to explain to me what was up personally instead. I guess in the interim she was uber-apologetic to the previously assigned caseworker for getting involved at all and well she should be, gosh darn it!!

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