Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cowboy, take me away

You would think that since I am writing again this soon, AT&T must have stepped up and resolved all my problems satisfactorily. Sadly, you'd be wrong.

So the landline to cell phone switch occurred, but we awoke this morning to continued internet service, which wasn't supposed to happen. So on the phones I went and, after talking to 5 different people (no joke, though I wish it were), I got someone to say they would reestablish internet service under a new number and there would be no interruption of service and all would be well. Great!

Or not. I then got a text message from AT&T telling me there was a problem porting my landline. Umm, wasn't it already ported? Wasn't I getting this text message on my new cell phone? Aren't these people silly enough for their own sitcom??? So I called the number left for me, only to be told this was the wrong number to call. But YOU sent me a message with this number inside! What am I to do other than call it? How can I divine that the number sent to me is NOT the number to call?!


Several more people later, I got everything straightened out (I think) and the email addresses and first and last name of the woman who helped me and promises that if anything else happened, I could talk to her manager (the first time ANYONE mentioned a higher-up, by the way).

I am tired of all this, as I'm sure you are. I have spent way too much time and mental energy on AT&T at this point. I am done. One more mistake and I'm calling the better business bureau. Calgon, take me away!

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