Saturday, September 06, 2008

Keep pushing me on

Big Rain Storm Hanna has come and gone, and we are none the worse for wear. There was a lot of rain and wind but not enough to even alarm me as much as some thunderstorms with hail have this past summer. In fact, when the rain was at its strongest, it really just produced comforting white noise in the background.

Indeed, our biggest challenge this week has continued to be J's sinus infection and its aftermath, which hasn't really lessened all that much despite heavy antibiotics. He is sleeping fitfully when he does go to sleep at night, even on drugs, and is out of sorts during the days with little substantive napping to speak of. He continues to be pathetically unable to breathe and has now developed an aversion to even the sight of his various medications, which turns delivering them into a wrestling match every six hours. Hopefully, this will all clear up sooner rather than later because we're all running on very little sleep at this point.

Sadly, we know of one side effect that will linger on, no matter what happens. J's inability to breathe has meant he's spent a lot of time sleeping upright in his swing or sitting upright in my lap, thereby completely undoing all our good sleep training. It couldn't be helped: he was simply suffocating while lying on his stomach, and he doesn't know how to stay on his back or side. But this means we will have to redo all our good work once he's better.

Sinus infections: the gift that keeps on giving!

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