Sunday, September 07, 2008

Take it to the limit

Holy Hanna. Or not so much. We've moved on with our lives and learned a few lessons: we need plywood for our windows, most home stores don't stock battery operated fans (seriously? no electricity means no AC, people!), and J complicates imminent disasters, even those that don't materialize, immensely. Check, check, check!

On to new topics: my brother-in-law is participating in Lotoja, a 206 mile bike race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming (get it??). In other words, it's a big, long deal. There are support teams involved, for crying out loud! I have a soft spot in my heart for this race, having at one point in my life been close to some cyclists who got me hooked on and interested in all kinds of things like the Tour d'France and insane races in the summer in the West. Not on cycling itself, mind you, because it's way too much work for me, and I don't trust car drivers enough to share the road with them, but it's fun to watch and follow nonetheless.

J is not crawling yet but gets closer daily. We are working on his laziness or impatience: he really would be farther advanced if he didn't caterwaul for one of us to flip him every time he hurled himself onto his stomach (which happens about once every 5 minutes right now.) It's getting old. Not that I'm ready for him to be more mobile or anything, she says as she stares at the tangled, tantalizing mass of computer cords under the desk at which she sits.

Seminary continues with just a short hurricane break on Friday. Today we discussed the Apostles, old and new, and found that the boys have no idea about the names of either. When asked to memorize at least the current set, one boy responded "We have lives, you know!" Umm, you're 15. Not so much. It will take 10 minutes. Deal and move on. I think that will be our biggest lesson for the boys this year: most of the time it's easier just to do what people ask and save yourself the time it takes to complain about it. We've already had the "play nice with others" talk with one of them, and I don't think the rest will be far behind. Fun fun fun!

Summer is winding down, though you wouldn't know if from the temperature. Now comes fall, with some of my favorite activities: the fall TV premieres (yes, I'm a geek; you go ahead and move on, too), the annual Charleston County Public Library book sale (literally thousands upon thousands of books for oh so cheap), the annual Whale of a Sale by the local Junior League (a HUGE garage sale featuring the stuff from little old ladies' houses--finds galore), and the best weather in the country, once it arrives. This year we'll also get to dress J up for Halloween and carve his first pumpkin (which he should love, squash addict that he is) and go to Trunk-or-Treat at the church with an actual child as opposed to just going as kids at heart. Can't wait!


Kenny and Linsey said...

Issac started crawling with gusto on Saturday. He gets tired quickly though and reverts back to the army crawl often. Finally a reason to be grateful all our stuff is in a shipping crate somewhere in the world - the house is child-proofed, except for all the zillions of closets that lock at the bottom and have keys jutting out at his eye level.

Get ready for the crawling, and child proof multiple times over, it will amaze you what is in fact not Jacob-proof once he gets going.

Becca said...

Get this- Elder Howard W Hunter, Boyd K Packer, Marvin J Ashton, L Tom Perry, David B Haight, James E Faust, and Neil A Maxwell, Russel M Nelson, and Dalin H Oaks, M Russel Ballard, and Joseph B Wirthlin, Richard G Scott is last you see I learned the 12 apostles in my primary.

So I did it at less than 12, shame on you boys. Okay I learned it in a song but still.