Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey hey what can I do?

In my (completely unconscious and ultimately doomed) quest to become a domestic diva, I am going to can a bushel of apples tomorrow. Luckily, my friend Becca has all the equipment, and we are only doing one fruit, provided by yet another friend and her trip to points north (thanks Katie!), so I only had to get some mason jars, a few spices, and some apple juice. We are planning on making apple pie filling (because YUM!) and applesauce (chunky, the way J likes it) and a small batch of apple butter if we have enough apples. We're not exactly sure how much we have, so we shall see how many recipes and of what we end up making. Regardless, besides freezer jam, it's been ages since I canned anything and even then, I was mostly a spectator. This time around, we'll have Becca's daughter, the one year old boy she tends, and Baby J to "help" us, which will surely make this either the most efficient canning episode ever or a marathon of cinnamon and boiling water. Updates to ensue!

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