Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wise men say

What is going on with my blogging lately? I am so behind!

And look at everything that's happened recently....ummm....I know we did something....that was really cool....or maybe not.

Life has been normal: J is moving and grooving. He can stand unsupported for a little while at a time, becoming more and more steady on his feet. He knows he's standing, because he grins excitedly each time. No walking unsupported yet, but he's been watching a little boy a few months older at church who is walking a few steps on his own, and I think he's getting some ideas! Sadly, his naps have dwindled as his ability to sleep through the night has increased. He can now go from 8 pm to 5:30 or 6 am (Hallelujah!), but in the meantime his morning and midday naps are often as short as a half hour. Curses!

Our vegetables have been coming in droves, lettuces all over the place, late tomatoes, more eggplants, jalapenos, and broccoli, peppers, popping corn, you name it. We've had sandwiches with fresh dill mayo and exotic lettuces, lots of jalapeno poppers, a new favorite treat (they're not very hot, thankfully), and salads, endless and tasty salads. We'll have fresh green beans for part of our contribution to our Thanksgiving get together (along with various other holiday favorites) and we're just bursting at the seams with other fresh vegetables. Yummy!

Christmas preparations are in the planning stages. As usual, I've bit off more than I can chew because I'm feeling all domestic, so on the horizon are an advent calendar (fabric and embellishments bought, numbers really just in my imagination right now), Baby J's stocking (we decorate them by hand--the base was bought two years ago on clearance and matches the husband's and my stockings, but it still needs to be personalized), ABC family photo book is about a third of the way there (just waiting on some more pics from various aunts and uncles--YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), and felt activity book (all materials bought and ideas rolling around in my head). I think the activity book may become a birthday or Valentine's present instead, because there is also a Christmas letter to write and send out and the house to clean from top to bottom (because I do it once a year whether we need it or not...or something!). What day is it again???

We're getting ready (ridiculously early because I like a challenge and certainly need another project) for our trip to London to visit my parents in February. The restrictions I've decided upon dictate that we can bring the stroller, our carry-ons, and one large rolling duffle bag only, so that we are totally portable and able to get all three of us from the airport onto and off of busses, the subway, and any stairs or obstacles we might encounter with no outside assistance. The only hitch in this plan is the sheer amount of space taken up by such things as two weeks worth of diapers, so I may send those in advance or just bite the bullet and use the British varieties while in country. I've found some excellent sites with tips for traveling internationally with small children and have been using their packing lists and hints to begin my planning. In all actuality, this is the kind of challenge I love, making travel as easy and yet as successful as possible, so it's been fun. I'll keep you posted on the results.

Baby screaming, not liking the fact that I am making him stay down for his midday nap. Must go investigate.


Kenny and Linsey said...

How are you already thinking about February? I'll be impressed if you can go with only one checked bag -- all of our travel and I have yet to be able to do that [one for me and Kenny and one for the kid(s).] Especially with unpredictable weather at our destinations and having to bring Kenny's suit/shoes/tie for church.

My rule of thumb is: traveling for less than 2 weeks means bring your own diapers -- go with what you know. Besides, you can fill the space with souvenirs for the return trip.

Jonathan Osorio said...

Lil,'s been really nice to find your blog and read up on your happenings! It sure sounds like baby J is doing well and you guys are enjoying a fruitful about a real "thanksgiving". Now that we found your blog, we'll definitely be stopping in to catch up on the latest Maughan Moments. I hope you and Matt and the little guy are doing well. We sure miss Charleston and especially our dear friends...hopefully we can stay in better touch this way. When you get a chance, stop by at and you'll get some updates. Take care Lilita...cuidase mucho!