Saturday, November 15, 2008

I feel fine

The husband's away at a wedding, leaving Baby J and I to fend for ourselves this weekend. We had a good afternoon yesterday after we dropped the husband off at the airport, shopping for formula at Sam's and baby yogurt at the grocery store. Then it was home for naps and dinner and bath and bed, a typical day minus Baby J's intense excitement that happens every evening when the husband comes home from work. Once upon a time, I thought J might be turning into a mama's boy but no longer. He is practically apoplectic when he hears the door open and his daddy walk in, often jumping almost out of my arms or the high chair in his glee. So he was disgruntled last night when I put him to bed, since that is his daddy's job and who did I think I was??

Today is a big day, with a late afternoon trip to Columbia to the church cannery. It's going to be taxing for Baby J, with a two hour drive there, then two hours confined to his stroller while we can, then two more hours home, getting here after his bed time. We (and by we I mean me, of course) are planning his day strategically so we can feed him around our travel times and make the most out of these hours in the car, some of which will surely result in naps if we play our cards right.

But, it must be done! We need canned milk and flour and beans and all that in case of the end of the world. Or something.

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Becky said...

I'm so impressed with myself because not only did I recognize and know how to pronounce "apoplectic" in my mind, I also know what it means! Maybe one day I'll catch up to your intellectual level....wait who am I kidding?