Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let heav'n and nature sing

For those of you not following on Facebook, my neighbor came over yesterday evening and asked me if my husband had left me because she hadn't seen him around lately.

Now, this was a strange conversation on many levels, as I am sure you can imagine. First, she worked up to this by admiring the baby, asking whom he looked more like, which made me wonder if, in fact, she had ever seen my husband, because Baby J is the husband's blonder mini me. Second, she acted as if she didn't really believe my answer that he was at a conference, repeating several times her offer of "anything you need, I'm right across the street," which, while sweet, implied she thought I was just putting on a brave face in this terrible time. Third, I like how she assumed he had left me, not that I'd kicked him out or left him or anything, which feels like some sort of subtle commentary on...something. Fourth, she also noted while walking away "I know you don't care, but I pay attention to everything on this street," which also felt like some sort of cut, though I may just have thought that given that she'd just accused me of having been abandoned by the husband. In short, it was an odd exchange we had standing in my kitchen, her with her porch broom in hand, me holding Baby J and wondering what the heck was going on.

Happily, the husband did return later last night, saddle sore and road weary and done with motorcycle trips for a long while (huzzah!). And then, this evening, when he got home from work, he shaved!!! Let the choirs of angels rejoice. I was SO over that beard, grown ostensibly to look older while conducting hiring interviews at this conference. I feel like I not only have my husband back, I have my REAL husband back, not the grubby, bearded stranger he'd become.

And right now he's busy putting Baby J to bed. All is once more right with the world!!

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