Saturday, December 06, 2008

Get your motor running

Baby J and I are alone this weekend, as the husband has motored off to a conference in Florida for a few days. And when I say "motored," I mean motored, as in drove his motorcycle some 8 or 9 hours down to Orlando. Honestly, I cannot think of a more boring prospect, but he was giddy with the excitement of packing his backpack and saddlebags (which makes me think we are living in the wild, wild west whenever he says it) and taking to the open road, so more power to him. I am, of course, praying fervently for his safe travels, for everyone else on the road to be extremely attentive and courteous, and for good weather. Join me, won't you? I'm also slyly hoping that the vicissitudes this little trip will quell his desires to take any long distance motorcycle treks for pleasure, something he hints at repeatedly. We shall see....

In the meantime, in between bouts of prayer, J and I are left to our own devices. During the day, this translates into "doing exactly what we do every day," and thus, today we have run a few errands, taken a few naps, eaten some meals more or less compliantly, played around on the floor, and gotten various Christmas packages ready to mail (nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?). One of our errands took us near a Christmas tree selling tent, so we wandered through there to help us get into the spirit. This jaunt was not as successful as one might have hoped, since the trees were EXTREMELY overpriced and the saw used to trim them was VERY loud, leaving both J and me a little less than full of holiday cheer, but we did get to smell the pines, so I suppose it was worth it.

Our visit also had another purpose: reconnaissance. In less than a week, we are having a Christmas party at church for which I am partially responsible and, to be totally frank, everything is going along swimmingly except the decorations. Because, to repeat, I am partially in charge, and I am hopeless, completely WITHOUT HOPE, when it comes to snazzy decorating schemes. One need only look around my house at the blank walls and cobbled together furniture to see that this is true. But I did have a thought that pine garlands might be useful and seasonal, so I was pricing those while we browsed. I've been doing a lot of browsing, actually, in preparation for this shindig, hoping to get some inspiration from those who do have the decorating gene, but I'm still filled with all kinds of fear at the thought of pulling this off. My only hope lies in strategic (read: dim) lighting. Christmas lights, while all sorts of festive, also hide myriad other ills. Or so I hope!

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