Thursday, January 01, 2009

And a happy new year!

Nothing momentous to report as the new year rolls in, just a few tidbits:

We celebrated with some friends last night, and after some yummy chicken taco soup and salad, there were many fireworks, set off by the husbands/dads. Baby J was fine for a while, if a little jumpy, but then melted down after one very, VERY loud offering that went off a little too close. Then it was a race against time, to see if, with much consoling and cuddling, he'd manage not to cry at every single firework display that followed and make it until the end of the show. He did, barely, but was not happy, by the end sitting there with a perma-pout that threatened to erupt into tears at any moment. It didn't help matters that it was freezing cold here last night, for the first time in ages, so he was wearing more clothes than he ever has and was wrapped in a fleece blanket besides. Baby J does not enjoy wearing socks since he so rarely has to and was particularly put out by the fact that we made him wear a hat. I stopped short of gloves, not wanting to fight that battle, too, and just insisted that he keep his hands in his pockets while I held him. AND, on top of all that, we kept him up a little past his bedtime! Bad parents!

J also played with a puppy yesterday, to his endless delight. We think he might have a word for dog, since he kept saying something very specific in reference to the little black miniature poodle. He liked the dog to be close enough to pet (or hit rather hard in his enthusiasm) but not close enough to get licked, which he did not enjoy. J also got nipped on the finger by Oreo, the puppy, who was also a wee bit too enthusiastic to see him, but after a few tears, J was ready to forgive and forget. In addition, J got to crawl around outside in the grass AND ride in a swing, so it was a happy day, if a terrifying evening.

As for me, today was triple coupons, so I went in the wee hours of the morning to stock up, this time on shampoo/conditioner, toothbrushes, cooking spray, sugar, and meatballs. Yes, meatballs, which I plan to use for Baby J's birthday or for the husband's sports fest, if he decides to have one. I was so early I had to wait for the official triples time to roll around, because even if you're a store that's open 24 hours, as this one is, your day apparently doesn't officially start until 7am. Slackers! Today we (Baby J and I) also got some sippy cups since we are soon making the move away from bottles and formula and toward milk and sippies. Once again, a whole new world of products to contend with. This time I read reviews online and consulted with friends before heading out to confront the bewildering options (showing I've grown at least I little during this whole "mom" thing). He uses take and toss sippy cups already for water, but I wanted something semi-insulated for milk and something new and FABULOUS to take the place of the bottles, which he will certainly miss. But it will be so great (for us) not to have to deal with formula when we go to England, and I KNOW they have whole milk there! We may keep a bottle for rocking to sleep purposes, but perhaps not, depending on how the great sippy transition proceeds. Da da da DUM!!

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Becca said...

Crystal and I went and she was wondering where you and Katie were. I guess you made it there before us. Believe it or not Katie still hasn't made it in.