Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Summer in the city

Here are a few of my favorite things, all of which today are brought to you by the letter H. I've sung the praises of this website again and again, but my latest declaration of love comes because I just discovered that, in the wasteland that is December television, Hulu has all the episodes of Firefly available. What, haven't seen Firefly yet? Well then, get yourself to Hulu right quick and enjoy the wild wild west meets China meets sci fi shoot 'em up with clever dialogue, quirky plots, and wonky special effects. Love it!

Hydrocodone: The headache I alluded to on Saturday turned into a full-blown migraine Sunday night that nothing was touching. Finally, the husband offered me some of his hydrocodone left over from his nose surgery. Now, don't get me wrong, the husband NEVER does this. He is against sharing medications, like a good pharmacist should be. But he is also against my writing in pain, like a good husband should be. So he helped me. First one made me tired but didn't touch the pain. Second one made me loopy and wrapped the pain in a big fluffy blanket. Aaaahhh....

Hot water: And the next morning, hot water brought me back to life after the drugs did their work and then some. (And I know hot is an adjective, but this isn't a game of scattergories so I get to make the rules.)

Hugs: J has learned how to give hugs and (less biting) kisses spontaneously. He will hug me regularly when I pick him up after naps but then also randomly every once in a while when he feels moved to do so. It's ADORABLE!

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