Monday, March 23, 2009

Little children never said a word

What has happened to me?? A week between posts? I'm ashamed of myself. And there's not much of a reason. I've been no more busy than normal, but time for blogging seems to keep slipping away. So let me repent:

Today, for Mommy and Me, we went to a park to see ducks and seagulls. Actually, from J's perspective, we saw DUCKS!!! SEAGULLS!!! PUPPIES!!! TURTLES!!! and, most importantly, FOUNTAINS!!! He was in heaven. I was, umm, slightly terrified, because where there are ducks and fountains, there are also ponds, with no guardrails. J came very, very close to the edge many times in his excitement, overwhelmed by the proximity of the animals. He was so unruly some guy with a huge dog passing by was acting a little afraid of J instead of the other way around. When the Irish Setter's owner is afraid of your son, should you be proud?

J also loved climbing up..and falling down a foot bridge. He got the concept of being careful on the way up, but then raced headlong downhill, building up speed until he fell head over heels and skinned his elbow. Oops! Of course, he's tough, so I didn't even notice until some other mom pointed out the scrape...cause that's just the kind of observant mother I am! We've since learned about band-aids and anti-bacterial ointment.

Play group also involved edible paint for finger painting, but J was having none of it, except when he tried to abscond with the purple for some reason. He's at a strange age for play group. There are lots of 3 and 4 year olds and lots of baby babies and then J is somewhat in the middle: toddling around but unable to speak and/or interact very much. So he's sort of the odd man out, too young to run alone with the other kids, too old to sit still with the moms and nursing babies. Hopefully we'll find our place soon enough.

I took pictures but can't seem to get them off my camera so to be continued.

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