Monday, March 16, 2009

Only you

Things have been a little hectic lately. We've discovered that we'd inadvertently forgotten to plan a service project as part of a national day of community service our church is co-sponsoring. Whoops! So now we're rushing to come up with something that won't seem last minute and will, in fact, be meaningful. Luckily, members of our congregation turn out to be quite connected in the community, linked to many worthy causes with needs we can meet. My partner-in-arms in the women's organization was just as dismayed to find out about our lapse as I was, so she has sprung into action and figured out some potential projects for us. Now we just have to get everyone excited about them and make it all happen....Ta da!!

In the meantime, J had a rocky week. He's apparently decided he only wants to take one nap a day, but he clearly needs more than one, so we've been having skirmishes all week. He won on most days, meaning our afternoons were, well, fun is not the word I'd use. Arduous? Whine-filled? Long? Yes, those will do nicely!

In addition, though I forgot to mention it in all the hubbub, because that's just the kind of mom I am, J learned how to walk for good in February. His tentative January stepping turned into mini-galloping while we were in England. The long hallway in my parents' flat helped, as did having lots of people to chase him, his favorite activity. Now the stroller is a cage, the front steps sing a siren song, and the ditches in the front and back yards wait to swallow him whole. It's a touching time. Consequently, the floors in the bathroom and kitchen used to be our top home improvement priorities, but now we're hurriedly investigating our fencing options, mingling the joys of home ownership with parenthood.

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