Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beach baby, beach baby

We had a great day yesterday. The husband came home early from a conference, so we got to spend some extra time together because he had the day off. In the morning, after we unpacked the rental car (he went to Ikea for us, which was fabulous!) and returned it, we took Baby J in to get a much needed second hair cut. He was absolutely fabulous, totally cooperative, and he looks adorable, once again. More cute baby, less shaggy dog!

After afternoon naps, we decided to go take advantage of the beautiful day and go to the beach. At first, J was reluctant to touch the water, clinging to our hands and running away from the tide. After we generated lots and lots of enthusiasm for the water, he was finally, grudgingly, willing to wade in up to his knees. Eventually, the husband sat in the sand in the mini-waves and held J in his lap. Apparently, being encircled in the cove of safety of the husband made Baby J completely relaxed, and soon enough he couldn't be bothered to even notice the waves, no matter how high they were.

After we retreated for some water and snacks, we went back to the surf (such as it was) and J discovered the fun of the tidal pools. For some reason, he was much happier to wade into the pools, even above his waist, hardly holding on to my hand or dragging me along behind him. He even started stomping through the shallow pools, giggling the whole way.

So, a success!

This picture is not from the beach but from our earlier slide adventure:

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aly said...

lil i love reading your blog! i admit i have beed very bad at updating, but i have made a resolution to write more often! i actually updated yesterday (shocking i know!). anyway i love reading about your adventures with matt and baby j :)