Sunday, May 03, 2009

Who came to class today?

This weekend was a quiet one, for once. The husband went with a bunch of guys to see Wolverine late Friday night while I went mercifully to bed early (J had had a bad night the night before, waking up at 11:30, sobbing til 12, and then being awake with me until after 1 am). Saturday we had some (mostly free--hooray for coupons!) Mexican food and did a little grocery shopping in between J's naps. The husband spent some time in the garden (new yellow cherry tomato plants, very exciting!) and playing with J's new golf set (part of the husband's birthday present). J only sort of understands how to hit the ball but is very excited to play caddy with his rolling bag just his size. Both were very cute while practicing!

Sunday was a usual Sunday: long, with non-existent naps, an angry, tired toddler, and lots to do at church. Baby J is attending nursery with one of us as supervisor for about half the time now. He's not actually old enough to attend on his own, but they don't have a lot of kids in there and we decided to start acclimatizing him early. He's actually doing quite well with the playing and snack time, though the lessons sort of boggle his mind and cleaning up seems completely foreign to him. Music time is also touch and go. But he's making great strides in learning to share and interact, so we're going to keep this up for now. Plus, it's MUCH easier to corral him in a place with toys than chase him through the halls!

And there you have it! I know, our activities are the stuff of killer screen plays. Wait! What's that, Hollywood's calling? Gotta go!

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