Monday, May 25, 2009

I feel a little bit terrible

The husband has a new post up you should go check out before you continue reading. Go ahead; I'll wait....

I was feeling all sympathetic for my poor husband, who was feeling so sad that he made Baby J sick...until I saw the pictures. And then I thought, "How could anyone not look at those faces and think, 'man, this child doesn't look like he's doing so well!'" Especially that second one! J is practically SCREAMING I am about to throw up all over you! Sheesh!!

I mean, I guess we've been somewhat spoiled. J was not a child who ever spit up. I mean, I think it happened a handful of times early on and then that was that. And he hasn't had the flu or food sickness or anything yet (where is that wood so I can knock it!). So, one could argue that the husband is simply not familiar with a child who gets ill. One COULD make that argument, that is, until one saw the photographic evidence.

And why is there even photographic evidence to begin with? This is perhaps the worst piece of the story. "Umm, honey, I made the baby sick. It was so sad. But I got PICTURES, so it's all good!"


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