Friday, June 26, 2009

So lost without you

The key to summer with (should I really be referring to him now as Toddler?) J has become supplies.

In my trunk, I now carry (or should be carrying: some of these items are in a pile ready to go to the car again) an extra package of diapers and and of swim pants, a stroller, a beach chair, an extra towel, a swimsuit for me, a cover-up for me, and assorted beach toys.

In the back seat, I now carry J's suit with built-in swimming vest (I just take it off and leave it on the back of the seat to dry when we're through), assorted back-up sippy cups, bags of heatproof snacks (we're fond of goldfish, pretzels, and animal crackers), a change of clothes for J, and light jackets for both of us (in the vain hope that it might be cool enough to wear them ever again).

In my bag (which was sold as a purse at Land's End but is HUGE and great for my purposes), I carry my stuff (wallet, calendar, phone, meds), a ziploc bag with diapers (and wipes, diaper cream, benadryl pen, and neosporin), sunscreen, all natural insect repellant (because while I am afraid of hosing J down with DEET regularly, we live in the South, people, and I am not afraid at all to hose him down with a mixture of geranium, cedarwood, and citronella oils when necessary), a filled sippy, more snacks (including applesauce and/or sweet potatoes in plastic containers and a spoon for meal-time emergencies), an extra pacifier, and retractable crayons. For church, I just switch the ziploc over and add toys and books and more snacks for keeping somewhat quiet in Sacrament.

With these provisions in hand, J and I are ready for anything. Sadly, we're missing a camera right now; mine died an untimely death. A new one is on the way, but here are some shots to tide you over until we can document all of our well-supplied summer adventures:


Lauren said...

That must be one very large Ziploc bag! I am taking notes, by the way.

Jonathan Osorio said...

WOW! It's amazing how grown your little guy is...I guess that;s what happens when a year has gone by since we have last seen you guys!

Loren said...

You're missing some stuff: snake bite kit, antihistamines, Leatherman, Saws-all, Cuban pesos, GPS chip, Sharpie, bread crumbs, belaying pin, voulge-guisarm, flares and flax thresher.