Monday, July 06, 2009

I can see all the obstacles in my way

I have finally faced facts: I need glasses. Not some of the time, not just prescription sunglasses (which I have had forever, thankfully), but all of the time. So I can, you know, see clearly in crucial situations like while behind the wheel of a car at night. Ahem.

Ever the alert shopper, I accosted a woman in a store months ago and asked her where she got her very cute frames. She laughed and then said she got them online at Intrigued, I visited the site later on, when I remembered the address, and found that they are a mail order glasses site that charges, get this, $29.99 for a pair of lenses and frames, SHIPPED. Ever the bargain shopper, I quickly began filling my shopping basket with frames I liked.

Eventually, I got my eyes retested, the husband took a digital photo of my prescription and uploaded it to the site, and I moved from virtual shopper to actual shopper. I ended up getting multiple pairs of glasses at first and, then, two days later, I ordered some sunglasses as well when Destructicon J demolished my prescription pair without which I cannot live in the sunny South. The glasses arrived today, and my seemingly frivolous overordering proved to be a boon when TooTall J reached up and destroyed one pair while my back was turned trying on another. (At that point, we had some strong words--NO! NOOOOOO! NONONONONONONO YOU DO NOT TOUCH MOMMY'S GLASSES--and some tears on both sides.) Fortunately, the other pair fits perfectly, though J did manage to ruin the green ones (OF COURSE), much to my chagrin.

Indeed, I'm pleased as can be with the glasses all around. The prescription is accurate, the frames are light and stylish, and they fit well. I have every expectation that the sunglasses will be just as successful. The husband came home the first night I was wearing them and said to J "The part of Mommy will now be played by Tina Fey," which is a compliment of the highest order! Now all I have to do is break myself of the habit of removing my glasses when I go inside (because heretofore I have only worn sunglasses, you see) and find a new way keeping my hair out of my eyes since I can't just push my sunglasses up on my head any more!

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