Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Singing, singing all the day

Oy and vey! I am exhausted. After weeks of getting the husband and J back in fighting shape, I finally succumbed to feeling really crummy yesterday. Luckily, the husband could come home a little early and whip on his pharmacist hat and trundle out to get me an appropriate medicine and take J off my hands for the rest of the evening. I am feeling much better today, though my to do list is longer than I want after taking a day off. So, to compensate, I got up early to make pasta salad for the husband's Christmas party, which went off without a hitch. Then, I was planning to get the containers to package the assortment of fudge I made for his officemates yesterday (rocky road, peanut butter chip, and chocolate mint--Martha, watch out!), but I couldn't find my car keys anywhere. That major hitch slowed us down even more! I'm thinking I may have locked them in the trunk (the second time in a month!) but will have to wait until the husband comes home to find out.

Instead, I decided to work on the final Jeopardy game for Seminary, which is now typed but not printed. We are also having a final breakfast on Friday to celebrate one student's birthday and the end of the year, so I need to plan that menu and purchase the missing supplies.

Tonight is also a Relief Society presidency meeting for me, meeting with the youth for the husband, song practice for the Christmas party for both of us, and tithing settlement for the whole family. The business of life continues!

Thankfully, Christmas preparations are NOT on my to do list, beyond gifts and traveling. We are opting to have J experience our parents' decorations in lieu of setting some up here when we're just going to leave them. So our house is decidedly unfestive at the moment, but not decorating makes things much easier on me. In addition, the wonder of Amazon's Super Saver shipping has allowed me to send most of our gifts on ahead to my parents' house, which makes packing that much easier, not to mention that much lighter. Huzzah!

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