Monday, December 14, 2009

Take me out

It's been a rough week, topped off by a difficult Sunday, punctuated with Toddler J saying (and signing) "Daddy!" loudly throughout church while the husband sat on the stand, within eyesight but out of reach. Then J refused to stay in nursery, calling first for Daddy, who sat with him for about an hour and then for Mommy, who took him with her to her next meeting and pawned him off on her long-suffering friend on whom he has a toddler crush and for whom he sat quietly for the next hour, helped by a well timed cookie from the teacher. (Thanks, Becca!)

But the week had already been sort of a farce by that point, with the husband returning sick as a dog from Las Vegas and J continuing his sinus and ear infection, though untimely antibiotics for J on Monday and for the husband on Wednesday helped to salvage their health, eventually. In the meantime, our annual progressive dinner for the women's organization, which seemed to me to have been going fine, was apparently pissing people off right and left, and I somehow got blamed, though for what, exactly, I'm still not sure. Along with all this, Baby #2 has been fighting me all week and winning, pummeling my insides as he tries to carve out more space for himself, so all week long I have felt like a washed up boxer forced to return as a publicity stunt despite being wildly out of shape. And Saturday was the husband's annual men's chorus Christmas concert, at which we proved definitively that J is not concert going material yet, though he LOVES running around and up and down stairs in concert hall lobbies!

In short, I'm looking forward to a better week. It honestly can't be worse, so there's that.

And today's our 7th anniversary, though we're opting to celebrate on Saturday once what promises to be yet another crazy week is mostly behind us (Mary and Joseph at the church Christmas party, office Christmas shenanigans for the husband, office Christmas gifts to make, packing, etc etc etc). 7th anniversary gifts have been a challenge, what with the options being wool, copper, or desk sets....really? Desk sets?

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Linsey said...

Happy Anniversary. I have found that holidays with toddlers are a constant crisis and I start breathing deeply around Veteran's Day and don't stop until Martin Luther King Jr. Day to cope.