Monday, December 07, 2009

While we're in the mood

This pregnancy is driving me nuts! This weekend has been a fairly stressful one (husband gone, kid sick, me sick, just returning from cross country travel, etc etc etc) and normally, to deal with it all, I would do two things: sleep and eat. And since I'm pregnant, I wouldn't even feel guilty about all the eating. (Yes, I'm a stress eater, people. Just deal with it. Weight Watchers and I have been through all this before, and we've come to an understanding.)

But...NO. Sleeping is pretty much out of the question with little Mr. My Days and Nights Are Mixed Up Already doing gymnastics in there while I try and rest. This one has not evidenced quite as much in utero kicking power as Toddler J, but he is equally as active, if not more so. Late afternoons and nights are the right time to party, apparently. As is any time I try to nap. So we spend a lot of time with me switching positions and Baby #2 basically laughing at my efforts to calm him. It's a great time had by all!

Meanwhile, the strict gall bladder diet is really cramping my stress routine. All the usual suspects are out: chocolate, brownies, cake and its counterparts, onion rings, french fries, frozen milk products I shouldn't eat, chips and guacamole, and on and on. Usually around this time of year, I am enjoying Hershey's mint chocolate, Eagle Brand fudge concoctions, cookies of all sorts, and anything ooey and gooey and sweet that I can get my hands on. Instead, I am eating...bananas. Clementines. Some sour candy. Frozen waffles with jam or fat free syrup. And if I'm really, really living dangerously, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, which hardly count because of all the freakin' fiber!
I am very sad.

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