Friday, February 12, 2010

D is for Dancing

Toddler J loves to dance. I mean, he LOVES it. Unfortunately for the husband, J loves dancing most when daddy is holding him and swinging him acrobatically and rhythmically around the room, most often to the sounds of Cake or acapella versions of Ben Folds Five, but their evening dance sessions could happen with any soundtrack at all, depending on the husband's mood. After our robbery, the husband's iTunes and therefore all of his music collection was missing until just recently, which put their dancing on hold. J was not amused and has been much happier since a phone call to Apple restored the missing music.

By himself, J dances less, but then, wouldn't you, given the choice between moving yourself and being hurled around by someone older and stronger and much higher off the ground? But J does dance on his own, at the most random times, most often to peppy music that comes on the ads on Hulu. Why these? I have no idea, but he loves them. Oh, and he is very fond of the theme music for Castle and Dollhouse, meaning he has very good taste in both music and TV.

Watching him dance makes me laugh every time. He takes tiny steps in place, bobbing his head side to side and moving his shoulders up and down slightly. His moves are not very energetic, but they are certainly methodical and coordinated to his own view of what constitutes appropriate dancing. J is almost always smiling when he dances, but you can tell there is some intense concentration on something going on in his head simultaneously. It's endearing in the extreme!

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