Thursday, February 11, 2010

C is for Candles and Cupcakes

As I mentioned in his birthday post, Toddler J is obsessed with candles. Lately, his obsession has taken on new dimensions, aided and abetted by my cravings and ill-planned baking.

After his birthday, I started to crave cupcakes. So I made some more, iced and everything, and popped them in the fridge, thinking I would be able to have baked (low-fat!) snacks whenever I wanted. Unfortunately, J had this same realization when he saw them on the bottom shelf, and the next day he insisted that he be given a cupcake, complete with lit candles. I had picked up a package of 96 candles at the dollar store two years ago, and his birthday was the first time we had used them, so I figured it was a cheap and simple enough request. I lit the candles, sang Happy Monday or whatever it was, he blew them out, nibbled on the cupcake (the husband later finished it), and everyone was happy.

Little did I know that I had inadvertently created a MONSTER. Now, every morning and often at lunchtime, J wants a cupcake with candles. He waits for me to give in and light them, then he looks at me and says imperiously "Happy!" until I sing Happy Whatever Day while he bobs his head from side to side. Then he blows out the candles and sometimes eats the cupcake but mostly just sits there and marvels at the wonder of the extinguished candles. It's quite cute, actually. But also quite the production for every day eating. Luckily, the seemingly inexhaustible supply of cupcakes I made is almost through, so we'll have a break from our unexpected routine.

In the meantime, if you listen closely, I'm pretty sure you can hear Toddler J yell "Candose!"

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laqne said...

That is too funny. Happy whatever day to him from his Auntie Lane