Tuesday, March 16, 2010

S is for Saving

I've been saved by many people these last few weeks. One friend has gone above and beyond the call and came to get J to play with her daughter every day last week. That's right, EVERY day, including two Sundays when she took him to church! It was absolutely awesome for him and me, giving him a chance to get out and do something besides watch endless videos and me a chance to get into a rhythm with Baby E and get some extra naps in besides.

I've been saved by meals brought in by other kind friends, sparing me having to cook and my family having to starve. We had food they would never have gotten (homemade bread! homemade hummus! homemade lentil soup!) as well as some family favorites (chocolate cake! lemon creme pie! spaghetti! taco soup!) and we are still eating the leftovers. I will be sad to see them come to an end. As it is, J and I had leftover pancakes for dinner last night (out of the freezer and into the toaster, just like eggo's!), which is about the extent of my cooking so far. Oh, wait, I made pasta one night, too! Call me a chef, people!

I've been saved by the husband, who has accepted my handing off E to him after his late evening feeding, usually around 9-ish. I tell the husband to put him to sleep while I crash until the next feeding, sometime between 11 and midnight. Those additional hours of extra sleep make all the difference throughout the rest of the night.

I've been saved by the Internets, providing me with entertainment during the seemingly endless and interminable hours of nursing and bottles. Network television's deciding to take a break from new programming during February notwithstanding (whatever happened to February sweeps, people? And what's up with starting some shows in APRIL, for crying out loud? Glee and Friday Night Lights, I'm talking to you!), Hulu and other online venues have kept me sane and informed at the same time. I find it difficult to surf while nursing (I find it difficult to do anything at all while nursing, actually) but vegging out to mindless TV is a perfect activity. I also want to thank my local library and Netflix for hep in this area as well. I finally broke down and watched the 6 hour PBS treatment of Pride and Prejudice (in my defense, ege, I thought I had already seen it but was mistaken) courtesy of the library and Netflix has a whole bunch of goodness lined up for me.

And I've been saved by E himself, who is a very easy baby (she says knocking on wood). He likes to sleep, rarely fusses without an obvious cause, tolerates his brother's "loving" gestures, and manages to make being his mother a fairly doable proposition. Thank goodness for him and all of the above!

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