Friday, March 19, 2010

T is for Trials

No sooner had I said that E was an easy baby than he decided to make a liar out of me, as my mother puts it. These past few days, his digestive issues, present from the beginning (remember, they wouldn't let us leave the hospital because he hadn't pooped), have gotten worse and, in what I can only assume is a linked issue, so has his sleeping. During the day, napping, he is still a champ, perhaps because he gets roused at regular enough intervals to address his digestive ills. At night, however, he sleeps only fitfully and cries out in pain and distress even whilst asleep. And when you get him up to feed him, half the time he eats a little, then promptly spits it back up through his nose and mouth, choking and gasping and wheezing alarmingly in the process, while at the same time grunting mightily as he commences to try the whole pooping thing for a solid half an hour. At 2am. It's enough to drive someone (who could that be?) to tears.

Last night's festivities in this vein were complicated by the fact that I had a gall bladder attack. I guess I haven't been as careful as I was while I was pregnant, and my inattention came back to haunt me. Fortunately, I didn't end up going to the hospital, but I did have to wake up the husband (in tears, no less. how's that for fun for him?) after midnight and turn the baby feeding duties over to him for the rest of the night while I writhed in pain, took oxycodone, and eventually passed out. The husband is himself sick, with an asthma flare up and an infection of some sort going on, so we were quite the room full of sickies, the three of us.

Luckily, J is fine, the lone survivor of our household malaise. He is actually better than fine, since Daylight Saving Time has resulted in his sleeping until almost 7 am most mornings since. Hallelujah!

And even though I know I need to do it, I am dreading going back to church after my time away. There are so many things to get done that haven't been since I left and the thought of braving the first meeting with two boys, one hungry and one terribly two-ey, fills me with deep wells of apprehension. If I didn't have to give out a gazillion thank you notes and return a bunch of dishes, I might just keep on skipping it. Bad me!

But enough of the pity party! I hear E waking up so it's time for food for someone!

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