Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Season finales

By popular request (okay, just ege, but a request is a request!), I'm going to do a rundown on the spring finales, those that have happened and those yet to come (if there are any...), the good, the bad, and the ugly. Oh, and though it seems silly because I don't have cable and am the last person on earth to see most everything, SPOILER ALERT!

I've got to start with Lost. And my response is a teary "Hmmmmmm." I'm not sure I get it. I really did cry during the last episode, though some of that was hormones, but I'm still not sure I understand exactly what I was crying about. So everyone dies, though at different times, but when they do die, they don't know that they have, and they end up thinking they're in LA until they somehow remember that they are actually in limbo, often helped out by Desmond, and then they celebrate in a, wait, that still doesn't explain why the island exists or what the island has to do with anything....but it's somehow still a satisfying conclusion....what the heck just happened??? I'm pretty sure there was never going to be a good way to end the show, so this was not bad, under the circumstances. The take away? Desmond rocks!

Desperate Housewives should have ended with the second to the last episode. So Mary Alice's husband returns to Wisteria Lane. Yawn. The episode with Bree losing her business and a pregnant housewife held hostage and all that blackmail and bomb making was much more interesting.

Someone else said it best: Brothers and Sisters was 40 minutes of the worst, more formulaic plotting followed by the 10 saddest minutes anyone has filmed in a long time. But I may officially be done with the show, even though I only watched half of this season. All the whining is wearing on me.

For once, Bones did not end with Booth being shot or in peril. Instead, it concluded with a bittersweet set of goodbyes and, oddly, left itself open to begin next season a year in the future (ala Brothers and Sisters' own plan). That had to have been one of the most romantic handholdings ever! I'm proud that the show raised the romance card before the last episode, then seemingly nixed that idea yet still managed to leave the subject open at season's end, all without killing the narrative, which is quite the feat.

In contrast, Castle waited until the last episode for any romance on the lady's side, and then it ended in the most trite, star-crossed lovers way imaginable, which is so disappointing because the show has been so snappy and fun this season. But I still love me some Nathan Fillion!

House and Cuddy finally together (and it's not an hallucination)...I can hardly care. But trouble on the horizon for 13, and she won't be around much next season? Huzzah!

Fringe had the best finale I've seen, mainly because of my sheer disbelief. They masterfully sidestepped the kiss between Olivia and Peter by imprisoning the real Olivia "over there" and sending redheaded Alterna-livia into this universe, thereby simultaneously energizing the show and giving Anna Torv license to act in a whole new way. Genius!

Sondra won Survivor? This show is officially irrelevant.

Bret Michaels won Celebrity Apprentice? Health problems aside, I don't think he deserved it, but it made for good TV!

Is anyone besides me watching Parenthood? In my opinion, it has quietly become one of the standouts of the season, but I'm not sure it has been renewed (let me check...yes it has! Hooray!). The season finale showed their own uncertainty, as they wrapped up most plots (elder Bravermans back together, cousins on the mend, etc.) but left a few open ends (will Lorelai--I think her name on the show is Sarah but she's Lorelai to me--stay in town? Will Crosby follow his baby mama and son to NYC?) just in case.

Mercy, on the other hand, is almost certainly NOT going to be renewed (let me check...NO, it has not been. Boo.), and yet the season finale left us with not one but TWO potential deaths, an ill-advised engagement, an unexpected kiss, and ailments aplenty among the main characters. And so we, and by we I mean I, since I am positive I am the only person watching this show, will never know how it ends. Sigh. I hate it when this happens! Why crap like Private Practice limps along season after season and new fare gets dropped so quickly is beyond me.

Which makes me think I should do a fall preview post soon...I know, I know, most of you can hardly wait!


Kathy M said...

I dip in and out of Brothers and Sisters--yes, partly because of the whining. But their last ten minutes were pretty darn good, even though we all knew Rob Lowe was leaving and therefore had to die. And for the love of all that is holy, WHY CAN'T JUSTIN SHAVE? Even on his wedding day?

I agree about Private Practice. Boring, overwrought, hypersexed. Blah. I watched 2 or 3 eps this season and didn't miss the ones I didn't see.

Lauren said...

How on earth do you keep up with all these shows?? We have 6 episodes of House on DVR we can't seem to get to. Personally, I am sad to have no new 30 Rocks for awhile :)

Lilita said...

I have Hulu going in the background while feeding E and keeping him upright the requisite 45 minutes per feeding and while doing most other things besides during nap time so you can see a lot when you are only half paying attention!

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

I LOVED the Lost season finale, even though it didn't answer so much. I was still sad Jack died, even if he isn't a real person. I loved that I felt closure (I wept a lot too), even though lots was left unanswered. On a side note, I HATED that crazy woman who killed the mom after she had her twins. Can you say DISTURBING???

I also liked the Bones season finale. After that sperm donor/brain tumor ridiculousness last season, I couldn't imagine how they could last another season, and yet, they did (even though Booth actually forced the romance issue!), and now there will be at least one more. Yeah! I kind of hope there is only one more.

I have not watched ANY of the other shows. Maybe we will rent Fringe and Parenthood. We are considering cutting TV and living off DVDs (to save money). We'll see.

Don't you watch 30 Rock? I know you don't watch The Office. I love those shows.