Sunday, June 13, 2010

The case of the missing cucumber

Toddler J has developed a fixation with cucumbers.

The husband has a thriving garden, and the cucumbers have come in already, so they have been harvesting daily, so his enthusiasm is understandable...somewhat. But what he wants to do after harvesting is carry these cucumbers around for hours at a time. He will walk up to one of us and say "Hold it the cucumber" with a sly little smile. But that's all he really wants to do. I think he feels a little proprietary about them and likes the fact that it's so cold in his hands in our hot climate, but other than that, I am not really sure what the attraction is. And my thought was, hey, it's a cheap toy, what's not to love?

Until we lost a cucumber.

Today my mother-in-law left and amid the packing and taking to the airport and the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, we all forgot to keep track of the cucumber, which was, we discovered later in the afternoon, lost. How long, one wonders, will a fresh from the garden cuke last in an air-conditioned house in the summer? And when and how would we know it was no longer as fresh as it might have been?

Fortunately, we finally discovered Mr. Cucumber on the beside table (of course! Where do YOU keep YOUR cucumbers?) that night. So we are now being a little more vigilant about our cucumber dealings. But it's impossible to resist a two year old who only wants a cucumber to make him happy! Anyone know of any cucumber GPS devices?

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