Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swim, baby, swim

After a week of "swim lessons" with various people (Becca, the husband, and me), here is what Toddler J has learned:

--He does NOT like to blow bubbles.
--He LOVES to jump off the side of the pool.
--He likes going up and down the steps or the ladder for as long as you will let him.
--He likes to "swim," which for him means dunking himself under the water and kicking his legs while in your arms until you pull him up or he drowns, whichever comes first.
--He likes to do things on his own timetable, but he likes to do all the exercises someone teaches him.
--He is not a fan of being "helped" in the water by strangers, even instructors.
--He learns best by demonstration, preferably by someone only slightly older than he is.
--He is NOT afraid of the water.
--He is REALLY not afraid of the water.
--Did I mention J is not afraid of the water?

J's comfort level in the pool went from marginally tentative but excited to completely at home in three sessions. During our third visit, a new instructor watched him dunking himself and pushing off of me and trying to swim away on his own and said "You have a totally different set of problems here than all the other mothers. You need to come up with ways to challenge him since he's clearly not afraid and watch him really closely because he WILL just walk into the pool whether you are there or not." Fabulous!

So, we are muscling through with our Toddler Fish and attempting to keep him from drowning in his own enthusiasm. Umm, yay?

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laqne said...

I know a little boy like that, One 4th of july party I just happen to be by the pool and he came running by and jumped in. Could he swim? No. I had to reach in a grab him out. His dad came around the corner and said "Corbin, where are your Floaties?" Apparently, floaties are not enough...