Monday, November 01, 2010

Letters from my vacation Part 2

Dear Random Urgent Care in Pleasant Grove, UT,

While on vacation recently, I noticed that Baby E seemed to be sleeping less and less and pulling on his ear more and more, so I headed out your way to get him checked out. See if you understand why the following conversation made me crazy:

Them--"Because you're out of state, we're going to have to charge you the full amount right now. I'm so sorry!"


Them--"I mean, you have Blue Cross but it's not based in Utah, so it won't take long to get sent to your insurance."


Them--"Don't worry; this will all get worked out quickly, okay hon?"


Them--"So as soon as you're done, we're gonna have to charge you the full fee, okay?"


Cut to post visit (during which we found out Baby E had a double ear infection--happy trails to you!):

Them--"I'm so sorry, but that's going to be $100...."


Them--"Like I said, this should happen quickly. If it doesn't, here's a number to call. I am sure your insurance will cover most if not all of this, so don't worry, okay hon?"


Now, I know there are upset people out there, particularly those who have a need to use urgent care, but I am clearly NOT one of them. All I said was "Fine," because it really was fine with me. I was going to pay whatever it cost; I wasn't worried that my insurance would or would not cover it; I had money in the bank enough to cover that and quite a few other charges should the need arise; I realized I was out of state going in or else I wouldn't be visiting an urgent care in the first place. So just tell me what I need to pay and bill my insurance and leave it alone, okay? Save your conciliatory escalation language for someone else, yeah? It will save us both a lot of time!

Best wishes in your continued urgency,


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