Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Letters from my vacation Part 3

Dear Shade Corp.,

I am so very sorry that you are going out of business. I had heard the rumors but couldn't believe they were true. I couldn't believe that the very first (or at least most famous) modest undershirt company was throwing in the towel, especially now, when modest clothing sites and lines seem to be taking off in a certain segment of society. I mean, I could have told you that charging $20 a pop was perhaps a bit steep, given the $10 quality and that foray into pants and dresses was simply misguided, but hindsight, right?

But I must say, I was DELIGHTED to stumble upon your warehouse sale, tucked into a nondescript space behind Kangaroo Zoo (What? Not familiar with the jump castle paradise for the younger set? Pity.). I had received cryptic hints of its existence from my mother: "Ummm, your sister went to some outlet store around here somewhere...and then your sister-in-law went, too...they may have been selling clothes, yes, but where could it be...let's drive back here and look!" Amazingly, we found the sale, and it was the fastest $20 I spent while on my vacation. So you were mostly sold out of the smaller sizes. I'm an XL in your ridiculously tight shirts! And the fact that the already low prices had been knocked down to $2 each for the "larger" sizes was just a bonus! So you had a strange assortment of colors. That's my favorite shade of green; I bought two!

I know you must be sad at the turn of events (though your warehouse checkout folks were remarkably chipper, truth be told), but I am uber pleased to have found you.

Wishing you luck in your future endeavors,


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