Friday, January 21, 2011

Hard days and nights

We've been sick as dogs around here this week. No, maybe sicker than dogs, since I haven't seen too many dogs with gobs of green goo streaming from their noses with abandon for days on end (you're welcome for that). J got it first, and we knew whatever it was was sure to be contagious since the allergy meds he's on make it virtually impossible for him to have an allergy attack right now. No, we knew it was a virus of some sort, and we were all soon to be sharing it with him. Baby E was next, and it hit him harder than J, with a fever and a cough and a sore throat and general miserableness. The husband came next, with a deep down chest cold, and I finally succumbed, with many of the same symptoms as everyone else, only my symptoms were/have been compounded by sleeplessness as I've sat up with E to keep him upright enough to breathe and slept with/comforted J when he's woken up stuffy and unhappy. The husband did help out one night, but then E's fever raged out of control, and he couldn't find the Tylenol, so he had to wake me up before my shift to find it. Since I was already up, I took over with E and the sleeplessness continued.

We've discovered that E likes to pucker his lips when he's sick, so he looks like some sort of pathetic Kewpie doll with sick eyes. J, as we already knew, gets even more fragile and emotional when ill, so you can guess the success of our 3 year old visit to the dentist this morning--he allowed the brushing, completely balked at the flossing, and was in tears by the time the exam was over. Hurrah! I am fine-ish, but the lack of sleep is giving me a kicking migraine, so tonight I am planning on crashing with my pal Percocet so that I will get some quality sleep before the first child wakes back up.

Right now, they are both finally asleep, BUT J had a meltdown before his nap and insisted on sleeping not in his room but in E's room on the guest bed, so he's in there, and E is in on my bed, since his crib is out, and I'm up since both boys are now sleeping in somewhat precarious places, given their tendencies to flail about during their sleep, and I'm not sure my carefully constructed pillow fortresses will keep them in. So more not sleeping for me.

Never fear, I have lots to do to occupy my time! J's birthday party is upon us this weekend, so there are some tasks to do for that, and the house needs to be cleaned and recleaned between now and then, of course, and somewhere in here I need to find the bottom of huge pile of stuff on my dining room table so we can actually put the party food somewhere. Oh, and laundry and bills and dinner and all that, too. La la LA, so much fun, I can hardly STAND it! You wish you were me right now, don't you? Come on, admit it!

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Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

We had our own illness drama last week. Doing OK this week, knock on wood. Was this really how it was for our parents??? Endless illness?