Sunday, January 23, 2011

Party like it's 2011

We had J's birthday party, at long last. Note to self: if you must schedule a child's party for 10 days after the actual birth date, don't mention anything to that child until one or two days max before the Party...or deal with the wrath of an undeveloped understanding of delayed gratification! Ooooops!

That little "hipsup" aside (as J says it), the party was a success. We carried the airplane/airport theme through to the decorations (red, white, and blue streamers and balloons), airplane food (individually packaged snacks and small drinks), and entertainment (airplane coloring pages, candy airplanes, and a "sky lounge" card table tent).

The kids had fun eating on the floor and watching Jacob unwrap his presents, lavish ones provided by very generous friends and grandparents. I was amazed at how much he got. Once again, we overbought for him ourselves and those gifts are not still tucked away in the closet.
We only managed to get a few shots of J looking even close to directly at the camera. Here's one right before the doorbell rings announcing the first guest. After this, it was all go go GOOOOOOGOGOOOOGOGOGOGOGOO until he crashed for his nap after everyone left and he had played with all his toys numerous times and had a "candy picnic" on the floor with the husband while I was putting E down for his nap. Can you say sugar rush?

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laurie said...

this is impressive and you are impressive. truly. a lot.