Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why did I ever leave Ohio?

Omygoodness, it's been so long since I last wrote. And I did write a post in the interim about our little trip to Cleveland for a job interview, but I neglected to post it. So now, here I am, out of the blue, announcing that we are moving to Cleveland at the end of January!


We are excited about the great new job and the new environs and the new everything, but right now we are up to our necks in preparations: finding a place to rent, getting our house here ready to sell, packing and purging for downsizing, gathering our long abandoned winter clothes, all while simultaneously wrapping Christmas presents and decking the halls. It's a busy, busy time!

Meanwhile, it's 75 degrees and sunny here today, and we're planning to go to the beach for some shell hunting after naps, to take advantage of every last bit of sun and warmth before they disappear or we do. Moving to Ohio will be quite a change for us, in so many ways. I was looking at the local parks and recreation listings the other night and found ice skating and hockey classes for kids J's age. Ice skating? Hockey?? Oy vey! However, the schools in the area where we want to rent and then buy, Shaker Heights, are excellent (they implement the international baccalaureate curriculum starting in Kindergarten); the job is a big step up in both responsibility and prestige; and we're ready for new escapades.

Stay tuned for what I'm sure will be some crazy stories as we pack up, leave, arrive, and unpack, then do it all over again!


Ashley S. said...

Noooooooo you are leaving??? I'm uber sad! :( and jealous...I love the cold! Ohio would be perfect for me.

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

Holy moly. Changes are afoot. Best of luck with the move! Too bad it's not closer to me. Hope to see you again someday. P.S. I think I've almost hooked David on Once Upon a Time (Yes!).