Sunday, February 05, 2012

The unreported country

Okay, where have I been? In a nutshell, I've left South Carolina, headed through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia and ended up in Ohio after that leisurely drive. I have lots to say about our trip, our new digs, our new life, and more, but I'm currently caught in internet purgatory. It's as if I've lost a limb. I am crippled. And I'm not happy about it.

I've been forced to become a renegade WiFi guerilla. We all have, actually. Right now, the husband is watching the Super Bowl, I'm blogging/paying bills/catching up on email/finding a preschool, and the boys are watching cartoons in a friend's empty hotel suite, which he's not using because he's away on a family emergency. Earlier today, I was logged in in the church foyer trying to get some of that done in between We are media squatters. It's pathetic.

So, I have no time to fill everyone in at the moment and no idea when I might, but we need at least a BIT of catch up, so here's the Cliff's Notes teaser for what's to come: we all get a crash course in living and driving in the snow, we rediscover the quirks of apartment living, we meet our new friends (even though they don't know it yet), we look unsuccessfully for a preschool and a pre-K program, we visit at least one local attraction a week, we unpack and clean and clean and organize and clean some more. the husband starts his new job, and I go slightly stir crazy and buy an atlas. We laugh, we cry; it's better than Cats! I know, you can't wait.

But sadly, for all of us, you will have to, since the internet void continues unabated until ATT decides to let me out of my information void. And we all know how much I love me some ATT and how happy I am to have my superhighway leading straight to their door once again!

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