Thursday, March 15, 2012

More with the schools

Are you bored of me talking incessantly about preschools? I sure am! And yet, once again, it's all I'm thinking about. To catch up, we did get J into a cooperative preschool for the rest of the year. He likes school though I am not convinced. Partially, it's the cooperative-ness of it all, but I'm wrapping my mind around that, though this particular school is to loosey-goosey that it is driving me nuts! So we've been shopping around a bit for PreK options for next year. We are first on the wait list at our current place, and I've heard great things about the PreK teacher, so that's a possibility. BUT, it's a wait list and nothing is guaranteed; I'm not sure I'm sold on the whole program as yet; AND the PreK classes happen in the afternoons, which is sort of inconvenient with our schedule.

So, we went to see a small class run out of a person in the ward's basement. It's a great set up: the kids are all members of the church; there will just be a few so there's lots of one on one time; the majority of the class will be J's age next year; and the teacher is obviously very good, which is fabulous; and it's the least inexpensive option. BUT, it's a small community, one with whom we will already interact at church, and there is no outdoor play, which is key for high energy J.

Then, we went to another local cooperative preschool today (we meaning Baby E and I while J was at school). It's a bigger program and seems much more professionally run, even if it is also run by parent volunteers. There are more classes and more children and indoor and outdoor play areas and the PreK teacher has been teaching for 20ish years and is still enthusiastic. BUT, we are also first on the wait list there, dang it! Anything could happen between now and then.

Or we could be out of options entirely because we've come at the wrong time(s) or we waited too long or we are too slow or who knows!

I know, boring!! It's a good thing we're so committed to public school or I'd have to go through all this again for Kindergarten. All we have to do before then is sell a house and find a new place to live and then get registered in the correct school and hopefully not have to switch if our search for a new place or selling our house takes too long. Piece of cake!!

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