Thursday, March 22, 2012

Or is it the Wizard of Oz?

This past Sunday, we were getting ready to take the sacrament, as we usually do, but J was having trouble settling down. In our services, for the uninitiated, the person blessing the sacrament kneels down behind the table on which sit the bread and the water and recites the prayers into a microphone conveniently located there. When it was time to pray, instead of sitting reverently with eyes closed and hands folded, J was wide-eyed and unfocused. As the prayer began, I turned to him, ready to hiss "shut your eyes and fold your arms, please!" but I saw him looking around wildly, a very concerned look on his face. Suddenly, he turned to me and blurted loudly "Is that the LORD?!"

A few minutes later, when the water arrived at our row, Baby E looked at it and said, just as loudly, "umm, umm, yummy!" as if he'd never had a drink in his life.

Yep, we're here every week, folks! Got a solemn, quiet moment you'd like us ruin? We've got you covered!

PS I think you should check out Nathan Ripperger's posters. They remind me of the time recently when I heard myself say "Don't kiss the quesadilla, please." Because of course I did!

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Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

Isa often yells "Pan Pan!" and then "Agua! Agua!" through the sacrament. Also as if she has never eaten/drunk in her entire life. Isa has no low setting on the volume either.