Monday, August 06, 2012

Vacation Interlude

The first part of our trip down to see the other grandparents started off well. We went to tiny but very kid-friendly Museum of Peoples and Cultures at BYU and found they had an exhibit on Guatemalan weaving, which was so much fun for me, and another on international masks, which the boys liked. I also got to run some Provo-specific errands while the boys were napping with Grandeur, which was so nice for me. And the boys got to run around and play in another kiddie pool in the backyard. So things were going well.

Cue foreboding music.

Late Saturday night, Toddler E woke up vomiting. And he continued to vomit, all night and all day long. I woke up my parents at 4:45am and sent my poor father to get sprite and ginger-ale, but E continued to be so sick with such a high fever and so unable to keep anything down that we ended up in the ER by dinnertime. I'm pretty convinced he has food poisoning, as were they. They gave him some anti-nausea drugs (my beloved Zofran, that I ate like candy while I was pregnant with Toddler E) and waited to see it he responded before giving him IV fluids. He did stop throwing up, so we came home, whereupon he started, ahem, violent bowel movements. All the next day long. And then he started throwing up off and on again as well. And he couldn't sleep. And he was lethargic and pathetic and whimpering and awake and miserable for hours and hours and hours and hours. I think he took a 30 minute nap after staying up most of the night. He did sleep most of last night, but his illness is continuing on today, day three, with intermittent vomiting and more violent GI badness, as the husband would say. I feel like we're back in the infant stage, with diaper blowouts of epic proportions. I think I might have to replace my father's easy chair. It's that bad, folks!

I'm hoping that a judicious use of the Zofran and careful consumption of liquids and the little solid food he has managed to get down plus vigilant diaper monitoring will get us through the next little while until his poor taxed system can rebound.

Wish us both luck!

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